Palaeontological Research and Education Centre

Thailand has an excellent record of non-marine Mesozoic environments, ranging in age from the Triassic to the Cretaceous. Many localities in several parts of the country have yielded abundant fossils, including plants, invertebrates and vertebrates. Since 1980, a Thai-French cooperation on Mesozoic vertebrates from Thailand has resulted in the discovery of many important sites and specimens, as well as in the publication of numerous scientific papers on the topic. Fossils of Mesozoic vertebrates are most abundant in the northeastern region of Thailand, where the Thai-French palaeontologists concentrated their work.​

Since Mahasarakham University is located right in the center of the region, the Thai-French team decided to establish a Palaeontological Research and Education Center here in order to carry out various research activities in their fields and to provide palaeontological education to the students.