Academic service

Academic Service Services

1. Organizing an annual paleontology camp, children’s generations, family generations, and general public
2. Organize a paleontology camp for schools
3. Visiting the Fossil Exhibition within the Center for Research and Paleontology Studies
4. Organizing workshops and short courses
5. Organize exhibitions and special events in paleontology outside the area
6. Press releases and public relations on paleontology
7. Organizing national and international academic conferences
8. Issuing areas to educate communities / schools
9. Art and Culture Preservation Project
10. One Program One Community
11. Public relations and online channels


Completed academic service projects

1. Paleontology Camp Project No. 1-19
2. Project of the Thai Paleontology Conference and Thai Dinosaur Knowledge Fair “La Fête De Dino” No. 1-3
3. Dinosaur straw puppet prototype project
4. Projects under the Dinosaur Sa-on route: Sarakham-Kalasin Dinosaur City is not to be missed. by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)
5. Knowledge transfer project and development of knowledge set on petrified wood and conservation to the Community Forest Conservation Group and the Young Petrified Wood Guides at Ban Na Bon, Na Bon Sub-district, Kham Muang District, Kalasin Province