The research direction of the Paleontology Research and Education Center is to promote, support and develop the capacity of personnel to conduct research in paleontology.

Research Services

1. Paleontology Laboratory

  • Small Fossil Laboratory (Rock Cutting Room)
  • Large Fossil Laboratory (Fossil Conservation Room)
  • chemical laboratory
  • microscope room
  • Fossil Specimen Gallery
  • Photo Studio/Map

2. Lecturers provide knowledge on paleontology
3. Consulting on exhibitions
4. Provide educational services and compare samples in paleontology research.
5. Giving advice on writing an academic paper on paleontology
6. Provide loan services for field equipment/science equipment/models. paleontology
7. Paleontology Library
8. Recruiting students for internships in paleontology

Research projects in progress

1. Biodiversity Project and the primitive ecology of vertebrates in the Mesozoic Era of Thailand.
2. The project to explore the fossils accumulated in the Paleozoic lithosphere of Thailand.
3. Biodiversity Project of Vertebrate Fossils in the Phu Sung Fossil Site (Sakon Nakhon Province)
4. The longest petrified wood conservation project in the world In Petrified Wood National Park (Tak Province)

completed research projects

  1. Biodiversity Project of Vertebrate Fossils from the Phu Noi Excavation Site Kalasin Province, phases 1 – 9
  2. Project on the evolution and biogeographic distribution of early Cretaceous vertebrates. in the eastern and northeastern regions of Thailand
  3. Conservation of one of the world’s most remarkable fossil tree sites: The Petrified Forest Park, Thailand by National Geographic
  4. Research projects under the agreement to create international networks and academic coordination on primitive biodiversity of Southeast Asia (PalBioDivASE)