Support and promote the management system for research and academic services. As well as efficient personnel Make the best use of resources and invest in research.

  1. Support faculty and researchers with their knowledge and expertise in their field. Focus on research and knowledge transfer as a primary task.
  2. Always develop international and quality curriculum. By emphasizing the relationship between teaching and learning and research
  3. There is a support system and research facilities. To strengthen students Faculty and researchers have attributes that pursue life-long education.
  4. Supporting and promoting cooperation among related fields To increase the strength and capacity of paleontological networks both at home and abroad.
  5. Support and promote specialized research units To promote research creation and support the creation of graduates in paleontology and related disciplines.
  6. Support and promote the development of faculty and researchers to become academics with knowledge and ability to achieve the center’s mission.
  7. Develop personnel to be persons with morals, ethics and sacrifice for the public.
  8. Support and promote an effective quality assurance system